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WELCOME TO Tantalising Treatss
I am gonna upload all the recipes here, I tried my self in my kitchen. The recipe may be the modification of some famous chefs or it may be my own, and m also gonna cover the packet recipes of leading food brands of Pakistan.
Its all about Pakistani food so the boys who are living out side the borders and want to cook some Pakistani food of their own, are surely gonna find this very helpful plus the new girls in the kitchen u r gonna get the guidelines here :)

I LOVE VARIETIES so u gonna find every thing from dal to biryani, vegetables, and junk foods at Tantalising Treatss!!


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Bihari Chicken Handi

The recipe, I am going to share with you is actually not a traditional BIHARI HANDI. This is a delicious result of my experiment. I named it Bihari handi only because the ingredients I am gonna use are used in Bihari boti.
Lets note down the ingredients
1/2 kg boneless chicken (small cubical pieces)
12 green chillies
1 bunch mint leaves (podina)
1 bunch coriander leaves
Grind all the green ingredients in a blender without water.

2tbsp garlic ginger paste
1tbsp red chilli powder
2tbsp banaspati Ghee
1/2 tbsp Darchinni (cinnamon sticks) powder
1 tsp Kabab chini powder
1/2cup yoghurt
paste of one big onion. (peal the onion and simply grind it in a blender without using a single drop of water)
1tbsp Salt


  • On the cubical boneless chicken, apply ginger and garlic paste and leave it for not less then 2 hours. Then apply the remaining ingredients and leave the chicken to marinate for 4 hours.
  • Now in a heavy frying pan/karahi add 5 tbsp pf cooking oil and chicken. 
  • Cook the chicken until water evaporates and chicken tenders. Cover up the pan if required to tender the chicken.
  • When the chicken is done. Place some hot and smokey coal pieces into the pan and cover up the lid very quickly.
  • Open up the lid after 15 minutes and serve the hot BIHARI HANDI with garma germ lachey dar paratha and tea.
Enjoy the thanda thar mousam with garma germ meals. HAPPY WINTERS :)
Photography: Reebz

Arfa Karim Randhawa-------MAY ALLAH BLESS HER!

Arfa Karim Randhawa-youngest MCSE professional is dying in  CMH hospital. What a terrible news this is! She is the one, who is known all over the world as the brain of Pakistan. The proud of not only her parents but of the whole nation. How can we just do it? Let her lying on a hospital bed and watching her dying? Where are the molvis? Where every thing fails, dua works...Why not they appeal to the nation to raise hands for her health? Where are the leaders? Why does the KHADIM E ALLA not call a team of foreign experts, if  local doctors are failed to predict? Where is the media? The media that is famous for raising the storm in a tea cup. Why the media is not putting the doctors on camera? Why her father is briefing the media about her condition? WHY WHY WHY?
She is the asset, Pakistan needs her. She is the one who can be the light and who can lead the way. May Allah bless her with health!
Her father requests the nation to pray for her health.
Lets PRAY!! That is what everyone of us can do for her. Miracles do happen. I hope my nation is gonna witness one this time INSHALLAH!

My blog is not about social writings but the trauma of silence on a national loss has forced me to write.